where does ogogle play files to

where does ogogle play files to

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In the settings of Google Play Music, if you have it set to cache on the external SD card, your cache location will be ... Is there any fix or is this FUBAR due to no more support of GPM? I have no idea why this was removed as an option, it's kinda infuriating to me. Download Music from Play Music App From the settings of the Google Play Music, you should set the cache on the external SD card. The location will be /external_sd/Android/data/com. google. (I assumed I hit all the right options to download locally but apparently not). When I purchase an album from Google Play, how do I download ... Google Play Music can act as a central hub for all your audio files. If you subscribe to Google's service, you'll have access to Play Music's catalog of songs, and ... There are two ways to download your Google Play Music library, both ...