unable to tif file

unable to tif file

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Hello,. Google Photos doesn't unfortunately support the TIFF image file format. To work around this issue, you can download the attachments, and then rename the attachments by adding a .tif or .tiff extension. tif files to Windows Photo Viewer as I though, seeing as it loads when downloaded and run from desktop. The only thing I can think off is that we ... Solved: Have been uploading image files -- jpg and tif formats -- so I can share with specific users for their download. ... questions: the problem tif file is 307 MB; I am able to open up the other tif files in online Dropbox just fine. Hi DMS Experts, We are facing a problem while downloading TIF files to the local desktop from DMS content server through SAP Archive Link. I would also suggest you download XnView and try to view it there, but if that fails, the client should convert the file to another format for you ( ... ...