is ing music from youtube legal united states

is ing music from youtube legal united states

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When Is Downloading YouTube Videos Illegal? In the United States, copyright law dictates that it is illegal to make a copy of content if you do not have the permission of the copyright owner. That applies to both copies for personal use and to copies which you either distribute or financially benefit from. But, it IS illegal to create a personal download conversion of a copyrighted work under US copyright law. That includes an mp3, mp4, or any other download file type from your videos convert process. In the future, it may become legal to download any video from YouTube, as long as it's for personal use. Using a Youtube converter to download a personal copy is against US copyright law, keeping the music industry afloat and stopping people from ... Extreme Makeover:Pop Edition Drama King Telemundo Casts Jencarlos Canela In ... or even for any kind of significant touring in the United States— was a surprise.