how to music on xbox 360 from usb

how to music on xbox 360 from usb

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Adding music to your Xbox 360 allows you to listen to it in many ... The Xbox can play the music files from your USB thumb drive or ... Confirm the download and then click "Continue" once the download has finished to install it. Configure the USB flash drive. Turn on the Xbox 360 and log into your Xbox Live profile. Download the latest system update if prompted. Learn how to play music on your Xbox 360 via audio CD or USB device, or how to rip songs from a disc and play them back using your game console. A) Why even show the option to transfer music to a usb flash drive if the option will never be available? B) Why can I not transfer music off of it ... Hi, If anyone could answer me this question it would be greatly appreciated! I have been trying to copy a song from my Xbox 360 for quite some ... You can plug it into one of the USB posrts and listen to it, but you can't actually transfer it to the hard drive.